Rhodes, a dive into Medieval History

Though every place in Greece has its own rich history, the fact that makes Rhodes a unique destination is that every layer of history this place has gone through, is visible. From the Hellenistic and Roman Times, to Medieval Times, on to the Ottoman rule and the Italian occupation, every era is defined and coexists with the others making this island a place of unparalleled beauty. And all that, while giving its visitors plenty of things to do.
Below you can discover the top three things to discover in Rhodes this summer

Tower of Windmills or The Black Tower
The tower was constructed by the Knights of St John somewhere between 1440 and 1454. Its initial purpose was the protection of the harbor: a big chain connected it with the Tower of Nalliac -that used to stand right across it. When a ship transporting goods arrived, every item would have a 2% tax increase for the removal of the chain.
It is one of the most picturesque places to begin your tour around the medieval buildings of Rhodes.

Medieval Moat
Built around the Old Town, it is 2,5km long and 70m wide, and it is accessible for free, every hour of the day. By walking through, you can view the beautiful bridges, the huge walls, the cannonballs, and the theatre of Melina Merkouri. If you like to exercise it is worth visiting at least one time.
Why you must visit the Medieval Moat while in Rhodes

  1. Simply by taking a walk inside will travel you to another era, somewhere between 14th to 15th centuries.
  2. Υοu can discover secret passages, go up the stairs that lead closer to the palace and other things that we leave up to you…
  3. Because if your trip in Rhodes coincides with an event at the Theatre of Melina Merkouri, you can have a really good time, spending your evening listening to beautiful music in a lovely and romantic environment.

Monolithos Castle, a never conquered Castle
After the Acropolis of Lindos, Monolithos Castle has the second best view of the island. You can find it 72 kilometers north-east of the city of Rhodes and the drive to get there is really rewarding.
When Pierre d’ Aubusson was the Grand Master of Rhodes, he did extensive works to fortify the island. Among others, he repaired the Castle of Monolithos. The location of the Castle allowed the Knights to watch the southern part of the island and made the communication through signals with the near smaller islands possible. Due to its location, this castle was never conquered.
2 Reasons to Visit the Castle in Monolithos

  1. The view from the top will take your breath away.
  2. If you get hungry you could try the taverns in the center of the village with unique selection of traditional Greek cuisine


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