Lindos Beach & Akropolis

Explore Lindos village in the south of Rhodes!

Lindos Beach & Akropolis
Lindos Beach & Akropolis

Just 40 minutes away (by car) and 1 and just half an hour (by bus) and to the south of our resort, lies the beautiful, picturesque village of Lindos. Built on a hill, is one of the most ancient castles that has ever existed, andis also a very alluring archaeological site.


1) First and foremost, you should visit the Acropolis. Walk up the stone paths that lead to a historical sight that blends ancient and medieval elements, all too well. The scenery gets better and better as you reach the top. Wander through the ruins and find out all about the history of the natural fortress.  2) If your belly starts growling, it’s time to visit one of the numerous local cafeterias or restaurants to try some of the local delicacies and wines. You could choose to eat meat or seafood or one of the vegetarian/vegan options depending on your taste. Instead of a glass of local wine, you could try another alcoholic drink such as “Ouzo”, which has 40% alcohol and is flavored with anise, or an even stronger drink like “Souma” that is similar to “Raki”. Don’t drink too much, if you’re driving!

Traditional Greek Food

3) Then, stop by the local shops and get some souvenirs to remember your daytrip to Lindos. There is a huge variety of things you could find in the small alleys of the village. From local products such as olive oil, soaps and traditional spoon sweets made from seasonal fruits to handmade jewelry and clothes.

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4) Definitely drop by the beaches of Lindos. You could go to St. Paul’s Bay with the amazing turquoise waters that is on the west side of the village. This beach is also visible while you’re on top of the Acropolis. Another option is Lindos Beach, which is on the east side. Its velvet sand and shallow waters will take you by surprise! Afterall, the temperature in the village is higher, so going swimming will help you unwind and cool off and truly give you the time to take in the splendor of this archaeological marvel.

St. Paul’s Bay

A little Bit About History
According to historical claims that date back to the 10th century BC, Lindos was built by king Tlipolemos, who was the son of Hercules. Tlipolemos had already brought his Dorian men who had built another two cities called Ialyssos and Kamiros, hence completing the Dorian Hexapolis alongsideKos (in the island of Kos), Cnidus and Alikarnassos (in Karia).

The advantageous location of the city (close to MegalosYalos bay) played a vital part, when it came to boosting its trading activities. Moreover, the city’s naval powers were decisive even during the Trojan War! Lindos’ power, however, gradually declined after the founding of Rhodes city in the 5th century.

Inside the Acropolis is the Doric Temple of Athena Lindia (since 300 BC) that is built on the ruins of an older temple and the Hellenistic stoa (since 200 BC) which consisted of 42 columns and was 87 meters long!

Acropolis of Lindos

This natural citadel had been strengthened by the Greeks, the Knights of St. John and the Ottomans, to name a few. The panoramic and captivating views of the coastline, the harbors and the cyan blue of the sky are worth a visit and are better to be experienced in person.


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